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 Reichmuth Global Ltd.

Reichmuth Global Ltd. is an investment holding and family office. It finances and supports the entrepreneurial activities and venture investments of its founder,

Dr. Tobias Reichmuth.


Reichmuth Global Ltd’s holdings combine the following focus areas:


  • Sustainable investments in the context of the energy transition and in the fight against climate change

  • Blockchain and digital finance

  • Investments in the field of the technical singularity, the sharing economy, the internet, and the longevity industry

  • Directly held properties in Switzerland and in countries that will benefit from climate change

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Scattered Coins
Blockchain & Digital Finance
  • Crypto Finance Group*

    • Crypto Broker Ltd.

    • Crypto Fund Ltd.

    • Crypto Storage Ltd.

  • Crypto Finance Conference Ltd.

  • NEON Bank Ltd.


*Hold privately

Cloudy Day
Fighting Climate Change
  • SUSI Partners Ltd.*

  • Eco Viva 


*Hold privately

The Wall of Ideas
  • The Singularity Group Ltd.

  • MyCamper Ltd.

  • Trekksoft Ltd.

  • Altoida Ltd.

  • ArtDeal Ltd.

  • Seniors@Work Ltd.

  • Sanasearch Ltd.

  • Amorana Ltd.

  • Longevity Investors Ltd.

  • Maximon Ltd.

  • Testmate

  • Feey

Singularity, Sharing Economy, Internet, Longevity
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Bahnhofplatz, 6300 Zug, Switzerland

City Center
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